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post each segment in a different comment. See below.

Personal journal: (if applicable)
AIM: (if applicable)
MSN: (if applicable)
Y!M: (if applicable)
E-mail: (if applicable)
Preferred method of communication:
If rejected, do you mind if the latter part of your application is left public? (applications can be a reference point to new applicants as to what is required of them)

PB: (important, but it doesn't have to do with your acceptance. if you have trouble, you simply say you'd like some help with it, or scan hollow_art for ideas.)
Favorite Band(s)? (important, and it does have to do with your acceptance. explain why.)
History: (summary if it's a main character whose history is basically the entire manga, but if he/she is more of a side character a more indepth history is expected. flesh him/her out.)
Writing sample: (should be at least a couple of paragraphs. easily the most important part of the application, so try to make it interesting and in character. don't despair if it's short or long; it's the quality of the writing that is looked at, not the amount. your long writing sample may very well be shot down. be creative.)
Notes? Questions? Concerns?

if your application is rejected, we'll offer the reasons for this. you're free to re-apply for the same character once more.
if your application is accepted, please:
____make a character journal
____comment back with it
____add the other characters, love_isa_place & ai_is_ooc.

there is currently a two character limit.
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