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In a world where Jackie Chan, Ani Difranco, Neil Gaiman, Regina Spektor, Han Solo, Debbie Harry, The Beatles, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Brinn and Jesus Christ all existed at some point, why should it be so unlikely that the many characters that inhabit Ai Yazawa's manga coexist...and interact?

From the creators of absolutely nothing of importance comes a roleplay dedicated to all of Ai Yazawa's manga.

The game's start with take place during the start of Paradise Kiss, NANA and Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. The ends of Gokinjo Monogatri and Kagen no Tsuki have both been wrapped up several years before, and the characters of the latter are now in high school. But these characters have not been living in different worlds. All the little threads find themselves intertwined, so tightly knit that perhaps there aren't such things are plots or different universes...just one world.

Look around, find yourself in central London, in Westiminster, in Chelsea. Around you mill about all the punks, the designers, the high school students, the artists and professionals that make up your world.

It's been turned upside down, meat side out, and the cast all lives in London.

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